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So the roof saga conclusion (at least I hope it is):

My friend gets as close to a "legal" workforce that he can put together (They may all have been 'legal', but I would guess that it was actually just illegals who spoke english very well). I had already said that I smoothed things over with my neighbor between her and I, and so he goes over first thing in the morning to "head her off at the pass." In the meantime, my roof finally gets finished (I hope).

Now, when I was talking to her (and apologizing and trying to get her to back down a little) I thought I got the best quote out of her that could be had... When I talked to her, of course, she was appalled and offended that I could think she had a racist agenda when she was just "protecting America." So you can imagine that I almost lost my control again when she told me that she "COULD TELL BY LOOKING AT THEM THAT THEY WERE ILLEGALS". I loved that quote, because it destroyed her whole argument and gave me the upper hand. So much so, that when I started yelling at her again... "NO... NO..... NO!!! You can most certainly NOT tell by LOOKING at them". and then preceded to get 2 inches from her face and sternly repeated 3 times as accusingly sarcastic as I could, "Are ALL brown people illegal?". She had to completely change her whole tone with me, and my liberal white guilt was temporarilly relieved.

But, my buddy DEFINITELY out did me for getting this lady to show her true red, white and blue colors. After, thanking her profusely for "opening his eyes" about the issue, and also promising to go forth with the good word. The lady, sternly, asked him why "he couldn't just hire WHITE workers." When he recovered from the vomit that had crept slowly up his throat and into his mouth without somehow spewing out. He told her, "well, that would be illegal to discriminate in my hiring practices based skin color." She replied simply, "No it wouldn't."

Bravo crazy flag bitch. I know my grandfathers certainly took up arms to protect the wholly American idea of "only hiring white people." I'll, of course, wait until my roof is completely finished... but after that, I promise that every Mexican holiday from here until the day I die is going to be a HUGE triumphant celebration in my front yard. I am going to get a 40 ft flag pole, with 5,000 watt flood lights on it, in the center of my yard, and a 10 foot tall mexican flag waving proudly in the breeze. I'm going to become the Harriet Tubman of illegal mexican immigration, repleat with tunnels and hidden rooms dug into my land to ferry ALL to freedom.... OR... I may just quietly mumble "nazi" under my breath everytime I see her until the day that I can catch her doing something overtly racist and I'll call the FBI on her ignorant ass. I haven't truly decided yet.


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